rock band

Play in a Rock Band

If you want to play in a band, our Rock Band Ensemble program is for you. One of the most popular electives after private lesson studies, Pinnacle Music School’s Rock Band Ensemble program provides an invaluable way to develop the musical skills necessary to play and perform with others. If you are a student at PMS, every effort will be made to place you in a band or group that matches your stylistic interest and skill level. 

Rock Band Ensembles are an invaluable way to build on the skills one learns in a private lesson. Some of these skills are critical listening and the ability to interact with other players, as well as knowing what to play, how to play and when to play it.

Fun and Affordable

For as little as $25 per class, you will develop critical listening and performance skills while making new friends in a relaxed and fun environment. All our Bands are supervised by a Pinnacle Music School music instructor and all participants in the program have the opportunity to perform at our Student Concerts and events.

All Rock Band Ensemble members have the opportunity to record performances live off the floor as well as practice and perform at Belleville’s Empire Theatre.

We have Rock Band Ensembles for all ages, levels and styles. Our Rock Bands Ensembles rehearse on a weekly basis on a set day of the week, depending on the schedules of each member in the group and the availability of our music instructors.

Are You Ready to Rock?


To join a Rock Band Ensemble, you must audition first. This can be done through your teacher at Pinnacle Music School. Auditioning is a necessary step to ensure you are placed in a Rock Band Ensemble that matches your stylistic preference and musical skill level perfectly.


The individual class cost is $25 and will be accompanied by Ed or Joe leading the Rock Band of the specific age group. Up to 4 students may participate.

Generally when a new group starts up participants only pay for one session up front. This gives everyone a chance to see if the group and program is a good fit for them. After that first session attendees are then asked if they would like to continue rehearsing on a weekly basis with their band. Once established all Rock Band Ensembles rehearse weekly and run for a school term which is normally 10 weeks long.